The Trusted Information Sharing Network (TISN)

About the TISN

The Trusted Information Sharing Network (TISN) is the Australian Government’s primary engagement mechanism for business-government information sharing and resilience-building initiatives on critical infrastructure. The TISN connects representatives from industry and government to ensure the ongoing operation of critical infrastructure in the face of all hazards.

The TISN provides a platform for owners and operators of critical infrastructure and Government to share information to enhance their understanding and application of organisational resilience.

By sharing information on current and medium-to-long-term threats and vulnerabilities, industry and government can collaborate on appropriate measures to mitigate risk and enhance the resilience of Australia’s critical infrastructure.

Through the TISN, member organisations meet regularly within and across sector groups in a secure, non-competitive environment to enhance critical infrastructure resilience by:

  • Understanding threat, vulnerability and consequence to better manage risk
  • Increasing awareness and understanding of cross-sector dependencies and the impacts of a disruption to any critical infrastructure sector
  • Enhancing communication channels and networks between industry and all levels of government
  • Identifying gaps and implementing appropriate mitigation strategies within each sector, and informing future policies and programs to support critical infrastructure resilience.

Joining the TISN

Critical infrastructure owners and operators, including all government agencies directly associated with critical infrastructure can seek membership at

Australian Government Critical Infrastructure Resilience Strategy

The Critical Infrastructure Resilience Strategy (2015) guides the work of the TISN and aims to ensure the continued operation of critical infrastructure in the face of all hazards.

More resilient critical infrastructure supports the continued provision of essential services to businesses, governments and the community, as well as to other critical infrastructure sectors.

The Critical Infrastructure Resilience Strategy is currently being reviewed for release in 2020-21.