What is organisational resilience?

Organisational resilience refers to a business’s ability to adapt as the global market evolves, to respond to short term shocks - be they natural disasters or significant changes in market dynamics, and to shape itself to respond to long term challenges.

Why is organisational resilience important?

The global market environment is constantly changing and more organisations are realising that traditional corporate strategies are failing to protect them from unexpected events. Organisations need to be able to absorb an event that imposes change, to adapt and continue to maintain their competitive edge and profitability.

Through organisational resilience, critical infrastructure organisations can better manage unforeseen or unexpected risks and threats to their continuity of essential services. Test your organisation’s resilience using the Organisational Resilience Health Check tool below.

What is the Organisational Resilience HealthCheck?

The Organisational Resilience HealthCheck was developed by the Resilience Expert Advisory Group of the Trusted Information Sharing Network (TISN) for Critical Infrastructure Resilience.

The HealthCheck is a free 15 minute self-assessment tool to help organisations evaluate resilience attributes and identify opportunities to improve their resilience capability.

For more information, visit the Organisational Resilience website.